Shortline Lake June Record 1

Official Assignments, skier order subject to change

List of skiers entered as of 6/4/23. This is not the running order. Check back the week of 6/19/23 for the skier order.

Skiers and officials… please check your membership status online to made sure it is “active” before the tournament. Make sure your membership is renewed, online waiver is signed and safe sport is current. If you want your scores to go to the IWWF World Rankings List, make sure you have a current IWWF license.

Sanction 23W096held on 6/24/2023

11B1B1 Romero, George E42.0
22B1B1 Townsend, Jace E65.3
3**B3B3 Galante, Jake E76.8
41G2G2 Townsend, Reese E82.0
51G5G5 Mainer, MacKenzie E81.3
6 M1M1 Chico, Leo E?
7**M1M1 Chico, Matteo L?
8**M2M2 Detrick, Brian E?
91M3M3 Townsend, Jimmy L98.0
101M5M5 Smith, Darrell L98.7
11**M6M6 Beardsley, Thomas E98.0
122M6M6 Canepa, George E98.3
131M7M7 Roske, Mark E81.8
142M7M7 Duke, Tim E82.4
153M7M7 Goldman, Jeff L94.0
164M7M7 Bentall, David L98.2
175M7M7 Phillips, Dave L101.8
18**M8M8 Bristow, Jim E67.0
192M8M8 Bush, Will E94.0
20**M9M9 Kinney, Jim E82.5
212M9M9 Hardeman, Bob E88.8
22**MMMM Badal, Greg E107.8
232MMMM Larson, Scott E107.2
241MWMW Nagle, Brandy E92.0
251OMOM Lamadrid, Alvaro R115.5
262OMOM Canepa, Ryan E116.3
27**W6W6 Beardsley, Kimberly E66.7
282W6W6 Duke, Rita E80.5
293W6W6 Thoms, Lisa L84.0
301W7W7 Muhlitner, Richelle L74.3
322W7W7 Goldman, Denise L77.7
313W7W7 Fausold, Janie L81.0